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China Geo-Engineering Corporation

Togo and Benin branch

China Geo-Engineering Corporation Togo and Benin Branch (referred to Togo and Benin branch, the abbreviation CGC-TOGO/BENIN), one of the overseas branches of China Geo-Engineering Corporation, engaged in international contracting projects primarily in Togo and Benin. The branch had been registered in Benin and Togo in 2000.

After years of operation, CGC-TOGO/BENIN has established a trinity international contracting business operating system market with the support of construction works of water supply, building and road.

Main services include: drilling, rural water supply projects, urban water supply projects, dams and farmland improvement projects, road construction, building construction, urban sewage works and solar power station projects.

In recent years, CGC-TOGO/BENIN continues to expand international project contracting market, at the same time, it has carried out effective exploration in new project areas for Chinese economic aid projects, national preferential loan projects, investment projects, cooperative development projects to ensure the branch to achieve sustainable business objectives.

CGC-TOGO/BENIN now owns 195 (sets) of all kinds of construction equipments that values about 30 million dollars, 65 Chinese managers and technical staff, more than 1,000 local employees.

Since sixteen years, with the operation concept "compliance, quality and efficiency", CGC-TOGO/BENIN had completed more than 280 various projects, and the annual turnover was about 25 million dollars.

CGC-TOGO/BENIN possesses high-level management, fully furnished construction equipments, advanced construction technology, high-quality managers and construction workers, in the fierce competition of international project contracting market; it has made remarkable achievements, enjoys a great reputation and wins high praise from the relevant international financial institutions, the employers, local people and the Chinese embassy.